Many of you are more and more interested in the surfboards manufacturing. Whatever your level of surfing, the important is your interest in this unique experience and your motivation to create, by yourself your future board. Accompanied, I will guide you step by step by giving you the keys and the necessary explanations. Several formulas are available, from a simple observation course to a complete shaping course, it's now your turn to play!

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Watch & Learn 

Half Day

Thanks to this course, you will have the opportunity to come and observe a half-day, the making of the surfboard in progress, made by myself.

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Watch & learn

Full course

Thanks to this course, you will have the opportunity to observe the production of a board in its entirety, with explanations.

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Make your Board

Full course

Thanks to this shaping course, you will have the chance to make your board yourself, from A to Z. I will accompany you and provide you with all the information necessary for the success of this coaching.

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